Our Mission

To provide the knowledge, skills, and ability to bring events to life to communities and locations that desire them. We strive in allowing people to connect and make lifelong memories and experiences in an ever-expanding experience rooted in their local and expanded community. We create a place for like minded individuals to share and feel apart of their community that they help build and shape. We are building, redefining, and reshaping what a convention can do though a shared collaboration. This is done through the efforts of like minded individuals, drives and ideas.

Why Choose Corgi Events, LLC?

Choose the team with the experience you are looking for, with a proven track record of putting on great conventions. We have brought entertainment and community to thousands of people across multiple fandoms for over 7 years. Join us at one of the conventions listed below, or contact us if you are interested in what we can bring to your convention or community.





Located in the waterpark capital of the world! Aquatifur is hosted at the Chula Vista Resort, With a three level convention space, and a full size indoor waterpark.
Colorado's premiere Furry convention, Come join us as we enjoy all things furry!
Southern California's Premier Furry Convention!
Golden State Fur Con
Golden State Fur Con IRVINE, CA
Painted Desert Fur Con is a new convention in Arizona for the furry enthusiast, created for local and non-locals to get together for a weekend as a community to have fun and make lasting memories.
Painted Desert Fur Con
Painted Desert Fur Con PARADISE VALLEY, AZ
giving you a chance to celebrate holidays and special events that we rarely get to be together for as a family!
Ponyville Ciderfest
Ponyville Ciderfest MILWAUKEE, WI
Chicagoland’s biggest My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan convention
Whinny City Pony Con
Whinny City Pony Con SCHAUMBURG, IL

Latest Updates

18 April 2021
Download Announcement as PDF Download Waiver as PDFCovid Restrictions and Operations for Corgi Events ConventionDenFur 2021 as of April 2021Disclaimer: Restrictions and Regulations are subject to change at any time. These will be...
24 April 2020
Jump To:> What about my registration?> I'm a Dealer, how does this affect me?> Hotel> What about flights?To Our Community,We here with Corgi Events first and foremost, would like to acknowledge the concerns you have regarding COVID-19 and...