​Covid Restrictions and Operations for DenFur as of April 2021

Covid Restrictions and Operations for Corgi Events Convention

DenFur 2021 as of April 2021

Disclaimer: Restrictions and Regulations are subject to change at any time. These will be updated as we receive new COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines.

Any and all restrictions are a combination of City of Denver requirements,Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel and Corgi Events requirements. Refusal to comply with any of the restrictions will result in ejection from the event and hotel with no refund. If you do not wish to comply with the following regulations do not attend.

  • Any staff and attendees will be required to be vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination. We are working with local, state and federal requirements on what will be necessary to prove vaccination has been completed.
  • Screening for staff and attendees daily with identification that they have been screened for contact tracing purposes required by Denver
  • Any staff and attendees are required to wear a mask in any public space at all times. This includes any space inside the hotel and outside in public areas of the hotel's property. Masks must be worn correctly over the nose and mouth. Masks must be worn under costumes and fursuits. Face shields are not an acceptable alternative. Masks that require a filter that do not have a filter are not allowed.Masks with ventilation holes or patterning that allows for complete airflow will not be allowed. (when eating or drinking the mask restriction is lifted, but must be done in designated areas). Mask checks will be performed in all function spaces.A mask will be provided if needed.
  • All spaces will be restricted to 50% capacity or a max of 500 people
  • Social distancing of 6ft will be maintained in all space
  • Theater style seating will be spaced 6ft apart
  • Tables allow for a 10 person capacity spaced 6ft apart
  • Dancing is allowed in groups of 6 with groups 6ftapart
  • Main stage front seats will be spaced 25ft away from the stage to allow performers to not wear a mask
  • Exhibit tables will be 6ft apart
  • Food and Beverage: all items will be served by an attendant or will be pre-packaged. Areas will be designated for food and beverage consumption
  • Signature on a participate at your own risk form alongside agreeing to covid-19regulations
  • There will be hand sanitizing stations available through out the convention space.
  • Hourly cleaning and sanitizing will be performed in all spaces and between events.
  • Congregation in public spaces will only be allowed in designated seating areas
  • Staff will be provided with masks, hand sanitizer bottles with a refill station,sanitizing equipment for sanitation between equipment use. Gloves will be provided if wanted. Temperature will be checked each day. Staff rooms will be limited capacity if requested. All staff food and drinks provided from Corgi Events will be pre-packaged.

As per Denver's current regulation, at risk populations and persons with a heightened risk of exposing others to COVID-19 (I.E not vaccinated) cannot attend an in person event.

Should you have already purchased a vendor ticket or attendee ticket, we will allow for the transfer of either to 2022 if you are uncomfortable attending in 2021. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to move your ticket to 2022. No refunds will be allowed at this time.

Corgi Events and Our COVID Response

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